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Jack Leonard
8-Jul-2000, 21:13
I recently purchased a Schnieder Tele-Arton 240mm lens made for Linhof in a Compur shutter. The problem I am having with this shutter is that I cannot cock it it B or T. In order to open it (for focusing) I use the manual lever on the side of the shutter with the speed set at T. As soon as you move to another speed setting the shutter automaticaly closes which seems logical, but I can't c ock it in T. I can do a long time exposure by setting the speed to T and opening the shutter with the manual lever and closing with a second stroke when the cal culated time has elasped, but I can't do that in B. Does anyone know what is cau sing the problem? This is a really great lens and I enjoy using it but this litt le glitch is annoying. Is it a malfunction or is there some sequence I don't kno w about? By the way the serial number is 4908268 anyone know when it was made? Thanks for any help Jack Leonard

8-Jul-2000, 22:32
My LF Compurs from the 50s&60s work on B&T without being cocked.

Bruce M. Herman
9-Jul-2000, 03:13
One thing that Bill implied, but didn't say explicitly is that your shutter should work with a cable release on B and T without being cocked, and not just with the manual lever. My older Compur works with a cable on B without being cocked. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a T setting.

If it doesn't work with a cable release, you should consider sending it to Steve Grimes.

Good luck, Bruce