View Full Version : Toyo rail part?

26-Jul-2007, 23:56
I have a Toyo G 4x5 and the mono-rail end cap has broken off. Can anybody suggest what / where to go to get this fixed?

Thanks in advance.


Ralph Barker
27-Jul-2007, 05:37
I would think that any Toyo retailer, such as MPEX or Badger, should be able to order the part for you, even though their sites probably don't list parts.



27-Jul-2007, 05:44
hey SM,

give toyo a call ( mac ).
they have a 1-800# ( something i can never remember )
but they also have a regular number too toyo website (http://www.toyoview.com/AskToyo/asktoyo.html)
they have tons of parts they sell to consumers.
i had a problem with my 45cx years ago,
and they treated me VERY well ...

nice folks at toyo ... :)


Michael Graves
27-Jul-2007, 06:23
Like John said....

I decided I was tired of my 810M missing this and that, I put together a wish list and called them. The prices were less than what B&H listed on their site as "Special Order, takes 6-8 weeks" and I got them in three days. I love my camera now.

27-Jul-2007, 07:17
Thanks everyone...