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26-Jul-2007, 07:48
Hi all,

I'm new to this Forum, although I belong to APUG and other photography related Forums, and also new to LF photography in some respect. I started using a 4x5 last year and the learning progress is slow, as it should be I guess. I enjoy shooting LF for it allows me to think more before I take the picture.

Professional musician by trade, I enjoy collecting cameras and photography. I use a Toyo 4x5 monorail and when I travel I take with me a 4x5 Linhof Technika III, which is very small.

Other interests I have are motorcycling (I ride a Harley), hiking, good food and wines.

Glad to be here!

matthew blais
26-Jul-2007, 08:13
Welcome. Good mix of folks here..

Ralph Barker
26-Jul-2007, 13:21
Welcome to the LF Forum.

26-Jul-2007, 15:01
Hi there and welcome. When will you be moving up to whole plate format then? ;)

You must've heard the joke about Harley riders:

Question: "What's the difference between a Harley rider and a vacuum?"

Answer: "The position of the dirtbag"

(Boom! Boom!)

Welcome aboard ;)