View Full Version : Computar LF lenses

anthony ragle
10-Jul-2000, 05:17
I have two Computar LF lenses - Symmetrigon 210mm and Computar 270mm in barrel m ount. Does anyone have any info on these? I am interested in specs and/or person al experiences with the Computars.

It would also be great to hear if anyone has had luck / issues (hmmm... seperati on on that rear element, maybe) with the dL series enlarging lenses.

Many thanks! A.C. Ragle

sheldon hambrick
10-Jul-2000, 12:51
If you look on this chart (http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~qtluong/photography/lf/lenseslist.html) on the main page, youll see some information for both lenses. I have the 210 mounted in a Prontor/Polaroid press shutter that I use on 5x7/4x5 and am very happy with its results  sharp with nice contrast. The 210 has a very large image circle (308mm) and the 270 will cover 8x10 with room to spare. Your 210 (and probably the 270) should screw directly into a Copal #1 shutter. Im looking for a deal on the 360mm.