View Full Version : second hand camera shops in Boston ?

30-Sep-2000, 01:53
Hi folks, I'm a european spending 10 days in Boston (USA). Anyone know of any se cond hand camera shops in Boston worth checking out ? Thanks in advance.

Larry Huppert
1-Oct-2000, 23:50
The short answer is that there aren't any shops in the Boston area worth checking out.

E. P. Levine has some selection of used LF equipment. Like anyone selling used equipment, the selection will vary quite a bit over time. Their used lens pricing can sometimes border on the cost for the same lens purchased new from a dealer with good pricing (e.g. Badger Graphic Sales, Robert White and others). Calumet in Cambridge also has some used LF items at times. I remember seeing a used Nikkor telephoto LF lens at Calumet priced about 5% less the same lens new (grey) from Midwest Photo. When I mentioned this fact to the sales person, they said the lens would not be sold for $0.01 less than the listed price.

Scott Walton
2-Oct-2000, 12:51
Julian, Welcome to Boston! Scott Walton here. I saw your homemade 4x5 awhile bac k and asked if you had plans... Anyway. Levines is a good camera store for used LF stuff, WB Hunt's in Melrose (just north of Boston) is a photo supermarket although not having to much in the large format used stuff. If you have time, look me up! Did you bring your 4x5? Cheers, Scott