View Full Version : 150 F6.3 Geronar Mc

25-Jul-2007, 06:37
I am looking for an entry level lens, and was wondering if this is a good entry level lens. I saw this lens on Keh.com and it the picture said it was a copal 0 with f/64 min apperature. I tried to find more stats, and found a lens called the something similar with toyo's name in it. the two pictures don't even look alike. So, i was wondering if this is a good entry level lens, and if anyone had any specs on it.

Gene McCluney
25-Jul-2007, 06:41
I believe the Rodenstock Geronar line is a three-element design. I have a couple of Geronars, the 210mm and the 300mm, and stopped down they perform just fine. I would not expect optimum performance wide-open. Their main strength is economy.

Eric Rose
25-Jul-2007, 08:43
I had one and they are great performers. Very sharp stopped down, light, and small. Nice for doing selective focus stuff too if left wide open.

Glenn Thoreson
25-Jul-2007, 11:55
An excellent lens. I have two of the 210 version. I think you would be quite happy with it.

C. D. Keth
25-Jul-2007, 17:43
It's my only lens since I started into large format. I haven't seen fit to spend the money on anything else yet.

I see no problem with them even shooting wide open. Perhaps this just means I don't print large enough ;)

Utomo Tjipto
25-Jul-2007, 22:03
The Geronar is nice lens..
My 150 is a Geronar, and when stopped down results are nice.
I think the strength of this lens are: economy, very light weight, nice results when stopped down. All this said, I was using back swing and back tilt a lot, because of the limited image circle.

So it comes back to your own style. When focusing are you going to use a lot of front or back tilts and swing?


Matus Kalisky
26-Jul-2007, 00:48
Hello Chad,

I also have the 210 version and it is a fine performer, but you just may give a thought to Fujinon 150/6.3 W (tiny and cheap - in Seiko shutter), Fujinon W 150/5.6 ,Symmar (S) 150/5.6 or Sironar N 150/5.6 (or Nikkor for that matter) as they will likely give you better performance wide open and more imige circle for (nearly) the same money.

4x5 film needs at lens with at least 155mm image circle to be fully covered at infinity. Lenses I have mentioned have following coverage and design (leses/groups):
- Geronar 150/6.3 ~ 180mm (triplet 3/3)
- Fujinon W 150.6.3 ~ 200mm (tessar ? 4/3)
- Fujinon W 150/5.6 ~ 220mm (~planar 6/6)
- Symmar S 150/5.6 ~ 210mm. (planar 6/4)
- Nikkor W 150/5.6 ~ 210mm (planar 6/4) (all are multiocated)

Indeed - planars are supposed to be better corrected and therefore should perform better close to max aperture. However - as I said before - depends on what you want to photograph. Apart from portraiture and some handheld LF shots you rarely use f-stop bellow f/11.

If this is going to be your only lens (what is actually a good way to start) that I would choose one that let me "play" more. Movements are lot of fun. Though you may mention the usage as well. For landscapes or closeups the image circle is usually not an issue.

Important is that whatever lens yuo get - make sure that the shutter is working properly as havig it serviced is not cheap compared to waht you expect to pay for the lens (I guess not more than $200)

have fun