View Full Version : filtration for ortho films? suggestions please

paul schuster
8-Jul-2000, 15:12
I am using a sort of ortho film, does not see red. I am shooting a scene that i ncludes blue sky and white clouds. Does anybody have a suggestions for filtrati on that would make those clouds stand out.

Using my usual tri-x I would use a red #25. but I would receive blank image wit h this film. I have tried my polarizer with some success.

I think I may run a test this afternoon. Four images, no filter, blue filter, y ellow filter and green filter.

8-Jul-2000, 17:46
You could possibly try a grey or N.D. grad filter to help bring out the sky. also you may try one of the weirder filters from Lee - e.g. lilac.

William Marderness
8-Jul-2000, 17:57
Use a yellow or green.

james mickelson
9-Jul-2000, 12:43
With ortho film which is sensitive to blue light, the sky would be white because of the blue sky. The clouds would fade into nothing. A red filter will cut the blue light so the clouds should stand out. But why are you using this film for your sky/cloud study? Use a red filter with normal film, underexpose by a stop or two more than normal and polarize the sky for a deep black sky and contrasty clouds. James

John Lehman
10-Jul-2000, 21:46
The standard filtration for ortho under those conditions a generation or two ago was a Wratten k1 filter, equivalent to a modern #6