View Full Version : Imperfections in Fujinon 150mm

Doug Truax
24-Jul-2007, 07:45
I recently purchased a used Fujinon f/5.6 150mm lens in nearly perfect condition. I say nearly because when viewed from the front there are two semi-circles of tiny pearl-like bubbles in the black baffled area of the lens. I'm familiar with Schneideritis, but this appears different, and I've never heard of it associated with Fuji lenses. Is it something I should be concerned about? Will it affect the image quality in any way?

24-Jul-2007, 09:19
Glass bubbles?

24-Jul-2007, 09:22
Sounds like a bit of "Schneideritis" to me. What makes you think it is something different? If it is, I never heard anyone really experience any image imprefection due to scheideritis.

Glenn Thoreson
24-Jul-2007, 12:14
Only you can tell if it's a worry. Run some film past it.

24-Jul-2007, 14:14
Do you have a picture? My Fujinon SW 8/90 has a mild case of Schneideritis. A few flakes of black paint peeled off so I have a few brighter spots inside; but they do not affect the picture quality IMHO.

Ernest Purdum
24-Jul-2007, 16:16
If there are bubbles in the glass even quite large ones, all they do is block a really trivial bit of light.

Doug Truax
25-Jul-2007, 09:44
Thanks for the comments. These don't appear to be flakes but rather tiny bubbles (as Don Ho would sing) along the edge of the internal elements -- perhaps where they are cemented in. I just received a lens plate for the lens so I'll give it a test. I just hope it isn't a sign of something separating that will get worse over time.