View Full Version : Yet another Canadian , jumpimg in with both feet

Brian Thomas
23-Jul-2007, 20:29
Hi all . Just a quick intro . I live in Kamloops BC , and am ready to re-introduce myself to the joys of LF . I had experienced the format a few years back , but because of shoulder problems , and a renewed love affair with flyfishing , photography took a lonely back seat . But Gawd how I missed it . So , it`s time to take the baby steps to relearn everything I`ve forgotten ,and grow from what little I do remember .

Ive got a metal Toyo 5X7 with a 4X5 back , lenses from 90 to 300mm , a wet darkroom , and most importantly , enthusiasm .

Looking forward to being a part of this great site .

Cheers Brian

Ron Marshall
23-Jul-2007, 21:39
Welcome to the forum Brian. There might be a way for you to combine LF and fishing by shooing those lovely trout, or is it salmon streams!

Andrew O'Neill
23-Jul-2007, 22:04
How's it goin', eh? I go up to Kamloops a lot with my camera. My sister lives there, too. I love the entire area from Lyton up to Kamloops. Next time a few of us LFers head up your way we'll have to look you up.

23-Jul-2007, 22:07
Welcome Brian. I live in Eagle Bay, about an hour east of you. I'm relatively new to this and still learning the basics. Like you I do have a darkroom, albeit small.

John Berry
23-Jul-2007, 22:40
Welcome from the Seattle area

24-Jul-2007, 12:57
Hi Brian,

It's good to meet you too. In GVA (Greater Vancouver Area), just kidding, there're few of us here. When I go visit Kamloops, I give you a shout, OK. We cango together shoot if you like...

Welcome, canuck. :)

Ralph Barker
25-Jul-2007, 06:19
Welcome to the LF Forum, Brian.

26-Jul-2007, 06:55
Welcome. Photography is the best "catch and release" technique. haha :)

26-Jul-2007, 15:05
Hi there

we can never have too many Canadians.

Now Americans...... ;)


James Phillips
28-Jul-2007, 07:46
Hi Brian,

Welcome to the LF community. Like John....I'm just an hour east of you.