View Full Version : JandC Photo "Mystery" Film

Jim Grimes
23-Jul-2007, 18:26
I came across a box of film I bought from JandC about a year ago. It is 4x5 and is packaged in a plain white box. It is a pan film, ISO25, and 50 sheets. I don't remember what it is. Can anyone help me identify it? I will also need a developing time for HC-110 - Dil. B.


23-Jul-2007, 18:38
Plain white? No label? I thought the Efke came in white boxes but with a label.

Jim Grimes
23-Jul-2007, 18:52
It may be Efke, as I was interested in trying it at the time. There is a small, maybe
1 1/2"x1" label on the bottom of the box, stating that it is ISO25 and 50 sheets with an 8/08 expiration date. Nothing else.

Brian Bullen
23-Jul-2007, 19:32
I also think it's Efke pl25 because I have the exact same box, except in the 11x14 size.

David A. Goldfarb
23-Jul-2007, 19:41
I think Efke 25 is the only ISO 25 emulsion they sold.

Jan Pedersen
23-Jul-2007, 21:19
Have one of those Efke 25 boxes too but with an emulsion number (510613)
As David states it is also the only 25 ISO i know of in 4x5

24-Jul-2007, 13:48
I remember when the ads would say "sent in a plain brown wrapper....."

Donald Qualls
24-Jul-2007, 14:52
Not just the only ISO 25 film J&C sold, Efke 25 is the only commercially available, general application ISO 25 B&W film that's been available since Agfa dropped APX25 4-5 years ago. J&C *did* also sell a few oddball emulsions, such as Maco Ort 25 (true ortho film), though I don't recall if they ever had that in 4x5. I'd say it's probably safe to shoot a couple sheets and develop it as Efke 25 (including exceptional care to avoid emulsion damage -- the emulsion on that film is *really* soft when wet); if it looks good and reds print darker than greens in contradiction to your meter (but don't come up completely black as would be the case with ortho), you'll have confirmed its identity and can shoot it with confidence...

24-Jul-2007, 17:35
After Freestyle worked the exclusive deal with Efke, JandC films manufactured by Efke came in the plain white boxes and were branded Adox. The larger formats I bought had Adox labels, the smaller formats had the plain white labels. I'd be almost certain it's Efke PL25.

Jim Grimes
24-Jul-2007, 20:34
Efke it is. Thanks for the help. How does HC110 work with the film? Dil. B or H? Any comments?