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David Bellak
22-Jul-2007, 12:21
Greetings from Edinburgh. After a near-absence but continuing passion for matters from the lens while bringing up family, and having to put aside a once-strong involvement, I'm once again focussing on matters photographique (pun intended).

Though my background is more "reportage" the pull of the larger format, and the slow pace it demands, is making its mark. I've a 4x5 Speed Graphic which I used for press work as a journalism student in the 1960s, and while with limitations, should provide a good vehicle for field work on a tripod.

At the moment I'm looking for a 4x5 developing tank- I've heard of the Jobo, and saw a Nikor recently on Ebay. Can anyone help?

I look forward to contributing to the Site, and learnng from others as time goes on.

Ron Marshall
22-Jul-2007, 13:50
Welcome to the forum David.

I hand-roll a Jobo 3006 Expert drum on the $20 Jobo roller base. Jobo is easy to load, even development, low chemistry volume. They go on Ebay for about 1/2 of new price.

Joanna Carter
22-Jul-2007, 14:09
Hi David

Are you aware that we have an LF group in the UK ?

UKLFPG www.lf-photo.org.uk for the main site, www.lf-photo.org.uk/forum for our discussion groups.

22-Jul-2007, 14:23
Welcome David :)

katie cooke
22-Jul-2007, 14:24
Hi David, I'm also in Edinburgh and new to the LF forum (and to lens-based large format in general). And, more than once, I peered into your old shop, sighed, and wished I had an awful lot more money...

(And, for daylight developing, if you're not planning on developing large batches of film in one go, I'd recommend a Paterson Orbital Processor if you can find one. Some people don't like them, but I've found it reliable and consistent.)

John Kasaian
22-Jul-2007, 16:00
Welcome aboard! While I haven't seen one in the US, the Patterson Orbital processor with it's motorized base seems like a delightful machine. Perhaps they're more common in the UK.

Ralph Barker
22-Jul-2007, 20:03
Welcome, David.

Uri Kolet
22-Jul-2007, 21:32
Welcome from Vancouver in the Canadian Rockies, David; this is a fine neighbourhood.
I spent two glorious weeks in Edinburgh and the Outer Hebrides last year this time; I'll be back as soon as I retire in 3 yrs.4 mths.& 14 days. This job's beginning to get in the way of my music and photography! Cheers, Uri