View Full Version : Reflex Viewer options for Ebony 45SU?

20-Jul-2007, 22:59
Hi all,

Before I part with my money for the 45SU (can't wait!) I wanted to find out about reflex viewer options for right side up viewing.

I know Ebony don't make their own so I figure if I can purchase a reflex viewer at the same time as the camera and ask Ebony to custom fit it to the camera.

The Horseman bino reflex viewers are no longer made and even hard to find used. I think I read somewhere Cambo make a similar viewer.

Any ideas re: options?

21-Jul-2007, 03:07
I use the Cambo viewer with my 45SU (and former SV45U). I do not have a problem with it although someone mentioned recently in this forum they could not see the entire image on the gg with this combo. It may be with extreme wide lenses they have that problem as the only wide lens I use is a 90 Rodenstock and again I do not have a problem. I mainly use Rodenstock 90 & 180, Cooke PS945, and Docter 240 lenses with my 45SU. I had sent my viewer to Ebony for the modification and it did not cost too terribly much. I also use the bio viewer with an Arca, but still prefer the Cambo. Others will probably have different preferences and maybe some of it revolves around our eyesight differences.

21-Jul-2007, 05:00
[QUOTE=darr;258557]It may be with extreme wide lenses they have that problem as the only wide lens I use is a 90 Rodenstock and again I do not have a problem.QUOTE]

Thanks for the feedback darr.

I will be using a 72mm lens as my widest so I am concerned I won't be able to see right to the corners.

Anyone else with experience in using this combination?

Keith Pitman
21-Jul-2007, 08:53
I bought a Cambo reflex viewer and modified it to fit my Ebony. I haven't used it a lot yet, so I don't have a full evaluation, but it is dark in the corners with wider lenses. Overall, I am beginning to like the reflex approach after a lot of years using a dark cloth. It takes a little getting used to having the image right side up.

Robert Fisher
21-Jul-2007, 09:50
Speaking from past experience, I found the Ebony wide optional angle fresnel the best option on my 45SU - makes a DRAMATIC difference on WA lenses. I say this after having tried a Maxwell fresnel and the Cambo viewer. I am sure others may differ. Good luck!

21-Jul-2007, 12:27
How is the above-mentioned Ebony optional wide angle fresnel with non-WA lenses, say 150 to 210mm?

Robert Fisher
21-Jul-2007, 13:54
The Ebony WA fresnel is marginally brighter on 110mm and up but substantially brighter on anything wider. At 65mm and below the difference was shocking. (Others may differ).