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20-Jul-2007, 12:16
Currently I have a Schneider 90mm/5.6 SA for my Technika. I'm happy enough with that, and I have a 58mm Schnieder XL too; so I'm looking at an 'in between' F.L.

Considering a few, wondering if y'all had some thoughts, opinions, etc.

75mm/4.5 Linhof Biogon
75mm/5.6 Linhof Super Angulon
Other options in that F.L.?

Robb Scharetg

Eric Brody
20-Jul-2007, 12:25
While I don't have a 58, I'd love a 55 Grandagon, I do have a 90 and a 75. Both are Nikkors, the 90 is an f/8, the 75 is a f/4.5. Both are impressively sharp with good image circles.

I don't see any reason to be attached to a Linhof branded lens but that's your call. There are a decent group of 75's out there. I have done no tests, you might want to contact Kerry Thallman, or look for comparison comments. I suspect any of the modern lenses will meet your needs unless they are more specialized than you've indicated.

Good luck.


Ted Harris
20-Jul-2007, 12:49
You left the 75mm Grandagons out of the considerations. I'll add that I have a 75 Grandagon and a 58 Super Angulon XL. Choice of the 58 wa on what was available at the time I bought it. The 75 was a conscious decision after testing the Gradagon 4.5 and the Super Angulon 5.6 side-to-side.

Neal Shields
20-Jul-2007, 13:33
The Biogon is wonderful...except it bairly covers 4x5. It is my starting point in 4x5 I always use it if I can, even if it forces me into freeway traffic. However, think of the American express add. Don't leave home without the 90, if you have to have movements, you will have to have it.

Beyond that I have never used any Biogon or Distigon (the SLR compromise) that the B&W prints didn't just blow me away.

Walter Calahan
20-Jul-2007, 15:44
I use a Nikkor 75mm and have never had a complaint.

20-Jul-2007, 16:06
Rob, have you considered selling the 90mm and picking up a Schneider 80mm XL? Just a thought...

Ted, interesting feedback on the 75/4.5 Grandagon. Since the 75/5.6 Schneider SA's are no longer available new, and the 72 XL is simply too mammoth for field work, that leaves only the Grandagon. Don't want to start a Schneider vs Rodenstock debate, but could you elaborate on what you found out when comparing the two 75mm offerings?

David A. Goldfarb
20-Jul-2007, 16:16
I used to have the old 75/8 Super-Angulon, which was nice in that it was compact, but then upgraded to the 75/4.5 Grandagon-N for 6x17 coverage, and I've been very pleased with it all around. After deciding it was a keeper, I had it cammed for my Tech V.

Here's a sample shot--


and if you're an APUG subscriber, here's a 6x17--


David Millard
20-Jul-2007, 16:34
Although you explicitly state you are looking for a 75mm lens, you may be able to extrapolate from my experience with a 55mm Apo-Grandagon and a 53mm Biogon that I use on the 6x9cm format. Both lenses have a large maximum aperture at f/4.5, and are easy to focus even in low light.

The Biogon is amazingly sharp even at full aperture, from infinity to near life-size, it has a greater flange focal distance, and it is a beautiful piece of glass. Although I've never shot directly backlit scenes, I haven't detected any increased flare from the Biogon's lack of multicoating. On the negative side, it weighs nearly twice as much as the Grandagon (approx. 700g vs 400g) and is considerably longer, it's image circle is 115mm vs 163mm, permitting only a small amount of rise and limited front tilt or swing at infinity, and I'm constantly paranoid about scratching the bulbous rear element or dropping the lens. At f/11 and smaller, I can't distinguish which image was taken with which lens.

I think all of the negative issues would be further magnified between the 75mm versions of the lenses, especially the mass (which would increase at the ratio between the focal lengths cubed if the lenses have similar proportions), and the relative costs of the lenses.

If you are not planning to use the lens hand-held , or at a large maximum aperture, I would recommend a 75mm Grandagon or Super Angulon, both of which can be frequently found on eBay, KEH, Midwest Photo, and elsewhere.

Don Boyd
10-Aug-2007, 14:49
Like Robb, I'm in the market for a 75mm. I like the light gathering ability of the 4.5 Rodenstock Grandagon/Caltar II-N and Nikkor for my 4x5 shooting (mostly chromes). Seems to be more Rodenstock users using the lens, and they all rave about them, but the Rodenstocks are hard to find used and they are $1400 new. Walter says that he has "never had a complaint" with the Nikkor and they seem to be more available ($869 new from B&H). Any other Nikkor 75mm, 4.5 users care to comment?

10-Aug-2007, 15:25
I haven't had my Nikon long enough to comment. I can't imagine wanting any thing different. It's fairly small. I'm not sure what the real image circle is but it lights a much MUCH bigger area then the claimed image circle. I guess that means it's not limited by the factory.

Remember the Nikons have been discontinued when B&H runs out that'll likely be it. Those B&H prices are I think below what they were selling at before the Nikon announcement. Wouldn't shock me if the used price jumped back up after B&H runs out.