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20-Jul-2007, 11:28

I have just bought a new Horseman SW617 with a 90mm Schneider lens, and it appears that there is grit/dust within the lens, and on the shutters. I haven't even used the lens yet, but when I open the shutters and peer through the lens with a torch I can see lots of very scary looking particles.

This is my first foray into medium format, so am unsure whether this is normal, because my SLR lenses all contain a certain amount of crap floating around inside (but they're zoom lenses.) With the Schneider being a prime lens I assumed it to be sealed.

Is this something to worry about?

Thank you.


Gene McCluney
20-Jul-2007, 12:08
The lens elements (as front and back groups) unscrew from the shutter. Most likely it is just the glass facing the shutter that is dusty, as leaf-shutters are not really dustproof. Just unscrew the front and back lens-groups from the shutter, gently blow off the dust then clean with lens-cleaner. Lightly blow off the dust on the shutter blades, then reassemble, and your lens should be good as new. It is not very likely that dust has gotten in between the separate glass elements within a front or back lens group, as these are more dustproof. Over time, glass elements can develop a haze though, which would require professional (or at least very careful) disassembly of the glass elements in the groups for individual surface cleaning.

Jim Rice
21-Jul-2007, 08:28
Keep up with any shims that may be between the cells and shutter.