View Full Version : Chinese Seagull Large Format Cameras-available in USA ?

Jim McD
1-Oct-2000, 11:12
I just came across some interesting looking large format cameras and accessories at http://www.camerachina.com/frame/frame-introduct.htm

I have never seen these 4X5 and 8X10 cameras in the USA, does anyone know where they are available ? Are they any good ?

sheldon hambrick
1-Oct-2000, 14:29
Theses look good. Don't know how much they will cost, but a $500 8x10 field would be nice! Maybe Freestyle in Hollywood will carry them. Let us know if you find more info.

andrea milano
1-Oct-2000, 16:56
I've seen them at the fotokina and they were very much O.K. . many models and the top ones are above average. Longer flange distance and vertical and horizontal shift on the back standard focus on the back standard, wideangle bellows, titanium finish. price is very good and materials are very good too.

Li Lin
4-Oct-2000, 18:20
I used to live in Shanghai, where the Seagull camera company is located. I called them yesterday and was told there is no reseller in US for their 4x5 line. The retail price back there is about $500. I plan to buy one and have it bring it over to the states by a friend of mine. Anybody else is interested in this camera? I might be able to buy more.

Oliver She
11-Mar-2001, 21:42
I just call Seagull at Shanghai. They just have established an sales agency in US. The contact info is (770)977-4368. The website is www.greatchoiceinc.com. Currently the site is not acccessible. Hope it will help you.

12-Mar-2001, 13:25

The website is http://www.greatchoiceinc.NET

Currently, this site is down due to upgrade. The Great Choice Inc. is Seagull's official US importer. The first batch of Shen Hao 4x5 and 8x10 wooden cameras will be in the states in about 10-12 weeks from today. Meanwhile you can check out Shen-Hao's own site