View Full Version : Mounting thread size of Apo-Germinar W 8/150mm

19-Jul-2007, 13:15
Maybe someone could tell me the mounting thread size of the apo-Germinar W 8/150mm lens? This is the huge barrel lens (Carl Zeiss, Jena). I have the lens but no precise means to measure it. I would like to test the lens for enlarging but to do that, a lens adapter needs to be made. I would not like to make errors just by guessing.


Arne Croell
19-Jul-2007, 13:59
The Zeiss Jena literature specifies M70x1 for the 150mm Apo-Germinar W lens. The Zeiss Jena one I own has this thread, so this is probably the value you are looking for.

The same (optically) barrel lens made later by Docter Optic specified M60x0.75 as the thread size, so they may have changed the barrel at some point (the Docter version was also sold in a size 1 shutter, btw). Distinguishing between 60 and 70mm should be easily possible with a simple ruler.

20-Jul-2007, 12:54
Thanks for the info, Arne. The thread size is 70x1 as it is a Carl Zeiss Jena lens. This helps me alot.