View Full Version : Help with using rectangular filters

Ed Richards
19-Jul-2007, 11:03
I currently use a limited number of filters - R25, R29, and all of my lenses use 67mm filters. I would like to try a graduated ND filter, and I am thinking about adding a lens that takes 77mm filters, so a common filter for all lenses would save space and money. What would be a basic system that could work with wide angle lenses with 67 and 77mm threads? I want to use this in the field, so compact is important. I am also curious how you pack the rectangular filters in the field to avoid scratching them.

Doug Dolde
19-Jul-2007, 13:06
I use Lee adapter rings and Lee Foundation Kit in conjunction with Singh Ray grads. Just be sure you get the wide angle version of the adapter rings.

I also have the Lee 105mm polarizer that works with the Foundation Kit via an add on threaded ring that fastens to the front of the Foundation Kit holder. I keep my filters in the Singh Ray padded pouches they ship with..haven't had any scratching problems.

Ted Harris
19-Jul-2007, 14:48
Same as Doug. Works like a charm.

Helen Bach
20-Jul-2007, 03:46
I use Schneider glass 4x5.65 rectangular vertical grads which will fit in a Lee holder. I carry them in the little plastic boxes they came in, but I hardly ever use them nowadays because I use negative film. There's probably no difference in quality between the Schneider and the Singh-Ray, despite the higher price.


20-Jul-2007, 04:59
I also use the Lee system -- have it set up so I can move it between my Shen Hao, Hasselblad and Nikon D2x. I have both Singh-Ray and Lee 4x6 filters for it. FWIW, Calumet sells their branded versions of the Lee filters for $20 less than B&H and shipping is pretty fast.

I was actually setting it up with a ring last night to add the 105mm polarizer to it (as soon as I find one in stock :( ) -- are you guys happy with it?