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Michael Hewson
18-Jul-2007, 19:20
G'day - I buy Velvia Quickload 4*5 trannies.

Each sheet has an identification umber on the outside sleeve that covers the film – I use this number on my notes as I expose the film thinking that it a unique identifier– for example AJ-0457.

The exposed transparency when it comes back to me has two numbers marked on the film – in the above case
- 595255
That is - nothing like the number on the sleeve! Now – how do I relate the number on the sleeve to one of those two numbers? How do folks know which velvia tranny belongs to which "note"?

I think I'm missing something here.

Michael Hewson

C. D. Keth
18-Jul-2007, 20:33
Um...I guess take notes with more shot identification than a number?

Mike Boden
18-Jul-2007, 22:36
I write my own numerical code on the quickload. I then tell the lab to "keep codes". They in turn write my code number down on a sticker that is attached to the protective sleeve of each shot. I can then correlate this number to my notes for that days shoot. Easy. Simple.

Kirk Keyes
20-Jul-2007, 13:22
Save the sleeves. The first two letters will be on the film, and then you can figure out the sequence of the remaining 4 letters to numbers by sorting. The letters cycle from A to I, like hexadecimal, but the numbers are of course regular base-10/decimal. I've tried to figure it out, but I think there are occasional gaps in the series so letters and numbers do not directly correstion to decimal-hexidecimal conversion as one might hope.

Michael Hewson
21-Jul-2007, 01:01
thanks fellas