View Full Version : Schneider Super Symmar XL 80/f4.5 announced?

Lloyd Chamber
28-Sep-2000, 17:53
Did Schneider announce their Super Symmar XL 80/f4.5 at Photokina? does anyone know when it will be available (in the states or otherwise)?

I found I really could have used this focal length recently.

Glenn Kroeger
28-Sep-2000, 18:00
Welcome back Lloyd... how was Utah.

Here is the Schneider announcement.


Kerry Thalman has one on order and has promised to report to us when he receives his.

Natha Congdon
28-Sep-2000, 18:15
Do you have a link in English for the non-Deutchophone?

Thanks! Nathan

28-Sep-2000, 19:46
We spoke with Germany today. The lens should be available in mid November.