View Full Version : Film Holder White Strips

18-Jul-2007, 14:26
Is there a way to replace the white strips?

I bought some that have permanent marker writing on them and
I would like to either replace these or some how erase this.

Any ideas?

MIke Sherck
18-Jul-2007, 14:27
I trim standard self-adhesive labels to fit and use them. I've never had a problem with them coming off.


Michael Mutmansky
18-Jul-2007, 14:37
Rubbing alcohol and ethyl alcohol will remove most permanent marker on plastics. However, if the white strips are some kind of paint on your holders, it may remove the white paint as well. It may not totally eliminate the marker, but it should work mostly.

Otherwise, go the white label route.


Don Hutton
18-Jul-2007, 14:51
An eraser works pretty well; acetone gets just about anything else off which the eraser leaves (including a little of the white plastic if you aren't careful...).

Personally, my modus operandi with holders is to just put a unique holder identification on the white strip (like 5A and 5B) with a Sharpie so that it won't come off easily. After loading the holders, I take a piece of blue painters tape, write notes on that (film, date etc) and wrap it around the end of the darkslides. I also usually pull those dreadful safety catches out of the holders too and the blue tape becomes the safety instead. I can usually also read the notes on the ends of the blue tape without having to pull out the holder, so I know exactly what I am getting without having to unload all the holders from the bag when I am shooting with different films etc.

C. D. Keth
18-Jul-2007, 15:15
I just put quarter-inch paper tape over the white strips. I write in pencil and when they get ratty I just replace them.

Jack Flesher
18-Jul-2007, 15:24
I use the eraser and alcohol, the solvent grade 90% stuff. Anyway, that gets about 98% clean whic is good enough for me. You can buy chalk-board paint at many hardware stores, and my local one has it in white. I have not felt the need, and it is a spray can, but it might be worth a try to spray some on a platic plate and Q-Tip it over the existing label.


Louie Powell
18-Jul-2007, 18:54
Eraser, alcohol, "Goof Off", and if none of those work just repaint the strip with flat white paint.

Rafael Garcia
18-Jul-2007, 18:59
I've popped them off before. You can sand/steel wool them or replace them with styrene plastic sheet from a hobby store.

18-Jul-2007, 19:12
Before you go popping them off or painting them try lacquer thinnner. Lacquer thinner cleaned my e-bay film-holders white strips so that they look like new again. Use caution as the black surrounding plastic can soften. It does not damage the white strip.

19-Jul-2007, 06:16
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.


25-Jul-2007, 16:27

I tried a variety of things. Nothing really worked.

So I just picked up a roll of 1/2" white Artist Tape. I have to trim it down but it works great and I can now write with a pencil on the tape and it erases just fine.