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18-Jul-2007, 12:56
Great site! I just got back into using my 4x5. I'm an M.F.A. student living in Boston, MA. I enjoy scanning my negs and printing digitally. You can view some of my images at:

Ralph Barker
18-Jul-2007, 13:43
Welcome, Jason - both to the forum, and back to 4x5.

Not sure about that avatar, though. ;)

18-Jul-2007, 13:44
welcome! I just left MA (and I actually do miss it) for PA. There are several LF shooters up there, too.

18-Jul-2007, 14:44
Welcome to the forum. I, too, was once a Bostonian but that was 75% of my lifetime ago. Needless to say, I lost most of the accent... except when uncontrollably excited.

John Kasaian
18-Jul-2007, 15:45
Not a Bostonian but I did survive a booze cruise/wedding reception afloat in Boston Harbor some 20 years ago. Welcome aboard!

18-Jul-2007, 15:45
hi jason

i'm south of you in providence.
glad to see you made it here,
great website!


Louie Powell
18-Jul-2007, 18:51
Hi Jason -

and welcome.

I was in Boston just last week - with my LF equipment. Didn't see you there - or any other LF photographers for that matter.

Sylvester Graham
18-Jul-2007, 20:35
Ahhh Boston... For every drop that falls from the Big Dig's crumbling ceiling, a dollar is sucked from the pocket of every taxpayer in the commonwealth. Actually, I like Boston better than New York. YOU HEARD ME.

I also enjoyed your website very much.

19-Jul-2007, 07:25
Welcome to the Bean Town State. just north of you a little , about 20 mins on the orange line , every city has its good and bad: at least boston is a walking town:

Ken Lee
19-Jul-2007, 07:39
Hi from Waltham and western Mass

Brian Ellis
19-Jul-2007, 07:43
Nice travel plans you have. When I was a student in NYC a trip to Bear Mountain was a once-a-year adventure and a big deal. So today students go to Paris three times a year. Good deal.

gene LaFord
22-Jul-2007, 18:51
Hi ya Jason from western Mass... Springfield to be exact.


Andrew O'Neill
22-Jul-2007, 19:26
So...do Bostonians eat a lot of beans?? Must make workin' in the darkroom real challenging, eh?;)

Uri Kolet
22-Jul-2007, 21:35
Welcome from Vancouver in the Canadian Rockies,Jason;glad to have you here.Rgds,Uri