View Full Version : Emile Busch WA brass lens looks like "hypergon"

Miguel Coquis
18-Jul-2007, 06:06
Do anyone of you fellows know anything about an Emile Busch Rathenow "Pantoscop","Pneussen" lens ?
I have try it on my 8x10 and it covers well. It seems to be a 165 mm (mesuring from sceen-glass to iris plan).
The design looks like the Wisner Hypergon and have very clean and clear glasses.
No shutter, f stops from 1 to 5 are small flat elements with different holes sizes that one can slide in between front and rear glass elements.
Thank you for giving some information

Ole Tjugen
18-Jul-2007, 08:42
The Pantoskop is an early superwide, somewhat similar to the Harrison Globe lens. Unlike the Hypergon the Pantoskop has two cemented elements in each end. It is said to be completely free from astigmatism out to an 80 degree image angle at f:25, and the total coverage at smaller sops should be more than 100 degrees.

Your 165mm should cover 30x40cm if needed...

Miguel Coquis
18-Jul-2007, 13:02
Thanks for your clear explanation.
Is there any literaure about this subject ?

Ole Tjugen
18-Jul-2007, 13:16
In this case I consulted Kigslake: "The History of the Photographic Lens", Hans Schmidt: "Photographisces Hilfsbuch für ernste Arbeit", David "photographiscess Praktikum" and Wilkinson & Clanfield: "a lens collector's vade mecum". There are lots of literature - som old (1910), some newer (1990), some good, some not-so-good. This one was fairly easy to find references to - it's an historically important lens, and could well be claimed to be the first anastigmat. Not bad for 1865! It was also in production until after 1910.

BTW - yours is likely to have been made no later than 1871, since it's marked "Preussen" ("Prussia"). But Busch may well have used that designation after the unification too... :)

Miguel Coquis
18-Jul-2007, 14:21
Wow ! I never thought that this construction can be implicated in so much interesting history.
Glad to learn about all these, Ole.

Helmut Faugel
18-Jul-2007, 23:49
Do anyone of you fellows know anything about an Emile Busch Rathenow "Pantoscop","Pneussen" lens ?


I'm almost shure it reads "Preussen" (Prussia). Without going into the details
of Prussia's history the lens was probably made before 1871, in any case
before 1919.


Ole Tjugen
19-Jul-2007, 01:51
It must be before 1904, since Emil Busch used "ROJA" instead of or in addition to the "E. Busch" on the lenses from that time. :)