View Full Version : Lensboard help

18-Jul-2007, 05:11
I just purchased a new Schneider 110mm super-symmar xl for my Toyo 45AII. B&H Photo told me the Toyo #1 lensboard should do the trick. I find that the opening is too wide and will result in the lens shifting even after I tighten the ring. Any suggestions would be welcome.


Ron Marshall
18-Jul-2007, 05:19
The hole should be 41.6mm in diameter for a #1:


18-Jul-2007, 05:56
Thanks Ron. I did measure and that is correct opening on the #1, but it stil seems a little big, and the #0 is definitely too small.

18-Jul-2007, 10:06
I figured it out. I put the retaining ring on the wrong way . The flange on the ring is supposed to go in and fill up that extra space I was seeing. All set now.:)