View Full Version : Komura 65mm for a 4x5 Crown Graphic

Philippe Grunchec
17-Jul-2007, 15:48
Would that be a good choice? Which type of lensboard would I need?

Walter Calahan
17-Jul-2007, 17:49
depends on the shutter size. It's extremely wide choice for a Crown Graphic. I usually don't go wider than a 90mm.

steve simmons
17-Jul-2007, 19:46
you will have very little movement due to the compression of the bellows. 65 is very wide for a 4x5.

steve simmons

Gene McCluney
18-Jul-2007, 07:34
I have a Komura 75mm that I use on my Super Graphic. It is a slightly retro-focus design and does not actually require extreme compression of the bellows. Perhaps the 65mm is also of similar optical design.

Philippe Grunchec
4-May-2010, 04:39
Sorry, my lens is actually a 75mm...