View Full Version : Sinar style lensboards (8x10) with mounting bar for a Toyo compendium hood

jens peter
17-Jul-2007, 15:01
I use a Phillips compact ll (8x10) with my lenses in sinar boards. Have learned that there should be sinar style boards with a mounting bar for the toyo compendium hood available.
Have called mr Richard Phillips, but has been unable to reach him, does anyone know (or have tryed) these lensboards with mounting bars? They could possibly solve my compendium problem with the 360 mm and 600/800 mm lenses.

jens peter
23-Jul-2007, 15:11
For future reference, I will just answer my own question.

Today I spoke with Richard Phillips - the manufacturer of the Phillips compact ll. He was able to answer my question.

It appear that he previously equiped 11-12 units of his 8x10 Compact ll camera with a special bracket that permits use of the Toyo Pro Compendium Hood.
This device is not located on the lensboard itself, as I mistakenly assumed, but on the front part of the camera. Mr Phillips stopped delivering these units with his cameras a while ago, but still keep a small stock.

I orded one, and hope this may solve my need for a professionel compendium hood on the Phillips compact.