View Full Version : 5x7 Film Developing Hangers

Kevin Kemner
7-Jul-2000, 11:09
Does anybody have any suggestions on where to buy new 5x7 film hangers or the be st place to look for used?

Thanks for the help!

7-Jul-2000, 11:42
I think the best bet is to find them used on e-bay. I looked and found a couple different ones when I checked right now. I am not sure it's possible to find new hangers.

Good luck!

pat krentz
7-Jul-2000, 14:38
If you look in The Shutterbug under Trade Shows, there might be one in your area. Pat

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
7-Jul-2000, 15:57
Kevin, you can have mine free if you'll pay shipping. I'll e-mail you with a count - i think there's a dozen.