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16-Jul-2007, 17:07
I have a rodenstock -Sironar 1:5.6/f=150 lens ; But I am not able to unscrew the fron element from the shutter [Copal-0] :
Any suggestions or thoughts: Thanks

Gene McCluney
16-Jul-2007, 17:24
It is just tight. Try again. With force, but slowly. There are no Rodenstock, Schneider, Nikkor or Fuji large format lens that attaches to shutters any other way but screwing in. The front and back elements can all be unscrewed, leaving the bare shutter.

16-Jul-2007, 18:06
hi lauren

try using a bike tire ( inner tube ) to get a good grip.
use steady pressure and hopefully it will unscrew.

good luck!


Kevin Klazek
16-Jul-2007, 18:35
Another thought would be a jar opener that uses a rubber belt that grips around the lid or in this case lens cell.

John Schneider
16-Jul-2007, 21:17
If you can find a small strap wrench (not the size intended for piping) it will be the cat's meow for jobs like this. I picked up a small one with a 6" Zicral handle and a 1/2" wide rubberized strap from Boeing Surplus. It's obviously made for aerospace and I have no idea where to find another, but if you're ever in Seattle you should swing by the Boeing store in Kent.

17-Jul-2007, 05:01
Another trick, provided the actual glass is recessed enough, is to press the front of the lens into the sidewall of your automobile tire and twist. The sidewall of the tire will grip the lens element.

John Schneider
17-Jul-2007, 08:53
I found my mini-strap wrench in case anyone wanted more details. It's a Glenair model TG70, and is used to tighten backshells on mil-spec electrical connectors. Glenair has a website, but you'll have to check on sales of individual parts to the public.

17-Jul-2007, 12:07
I figured I'd ask here Before I strong arm it: With my luck the Front element might break or the shutter might need to be fix or replaced: Since I prefer to err on the cation side with these things : Well go slowly with and see what happen, all Ideas are viable: thanks