View Full Version : Who do you use for shipping your E6 orders?

16-Jul-2007, 15:54
I sent my first order (23 sheets) to Calypso today and used FedEx 2 day service which cost $15, so my round trip will be $30 plus $32 for processing.

Total cost per sheet approx $2.75, a lot better than my local labs at $4-4.50.

If I could get the shipping down, it'd be even better, but I'm wary of using USPS Priority (only $8.95 flat rate) because of X-ray possibilities...maybe I should send a few sheets at the $4 Priority envelope rate to test it...

Any experience or advice to share?

Tom Schaefer
16-Jul-2007, 17:19
I've sent 4x5 e-6 to Photo Craft imaging in Boulder Colorado
1.40 per sheet. A pleasure to work with.
Jack Dykinga and others use them
web is www.pcraft.com

Good Luck

16-Jul-2007, 17:46
What I meant was...which shipping service?




Ben Hopson
16-Jul-2007, 21:36
I have used both UPS and FedEx. I do not remember what the cost was, but on orders of $80.00 or more return shipping is free. That is from Calypso. That is quite a few sheets of 4X5, but if you do have enough at one time it brings the cost down even more.

I have received film orders via USPS Priority Mail without a problem. At the time I was also concerned about X-Ray damage. I asked the same question and every reply was that it was safe.

16-Jul-2007, 22:24
Thanks, Ben!

I've since found out today that FedEx Ground is a lot cheaper ($5.50-ish), although that wasn't an option on the FedEx site, and neither was their 3-day service. Seems they try to force overnight or 2-day on you via the website...

Glad to hear that USPS Priority was fine for you...

Brian Schall
16-Jul-2007, 22:51
USPS Priority is shipped on FedEx planes, at least that's what my local Kinko's/FedEx said.

Colleen K
17-Jul-2007, 06:10
I use USPS Priority to ship film processing orders, haven't had a problem yet(knock on wood)

v gese
17-Jul-2007, 11:30
Use PhotoCraft for E6 4x5's. When I want quick turnaround: express mail with return FedEx 2 day (would use Fed ex both ways but I live way out in the sticks). Pricey but sometimes required. Otherwise priority mail both ways with delivery confirmation. Never have had a problem.

PhotoCraft recommends shipping FedEx as they feel that FedEx provides the best tracking of packages should a package get lost. The guy I spoke to about a month ago stated he wouldn't trust the USPS with one-of-a-kind images. I have been very fortunate with USPS over the last 2 years and it sounds like others have as well.

One consideration if considering UPS vs FedEx: UPS trucks are dark brown and in the summer sun I imagine get pretty hot inside (where your precious film is). FedEx trucks are all white and should stay alot cooler in the summer. Something to think about.
Vance Gese

Jack Brauer
17-Jul-2007, 17:38
I use FedEx Ground.

UPS has lost numerous packages of mine (including TWO different large format lenses!) and I would never trust them with my precious exposed film! Dealing with UPS about those lost lenses gave me an appalling insight into the inner workings of their company... what a mess.

Jim Becia
18-Jul-2007, 05:35
I have been using the USPS for several years to ship my LF film to Photocraft. I'll carry a couple of their priority boxes with me on a trip and when one is full, I drop it off at a post office. Usually the processed film is waiting for me when I get home. I have never had a problem so far. Usually my film makes it to Photocraft in two days from most places. Jim

www.spiritlightphotography.com (www.spiritlightphotgraphy.com)

Doug Dolde
18-Jul-2007, 08:14
I always use US Priority Mail for shipping. If you have ever dealt with FEDEX trying to collect on a damaged item, you will understand why. They will ALWAYS blame you saying it is a poor packing job and NEVER pay.

Another recommendation for Photocraft...where else can you get great processing for a buck forty a sheet??

20-Jul-2007, 15:12
I live in the east bay and used Calypso for 120 and 4x5 E-6 until they moved to Santa Cruz. They did good work and were quite reasonable: $1.40/sheet and 4.50 for a roll of 120 for 24-hour turn around. I wouldn't pay for the overnight service as FedEx ground gets to Northern California just as fast: It's an overnight run and arrives in time for it to be delivered in the morning.

Suggestion: Think about a Jobo CPP or CPA.

Padu Merloti
20-Jul-2007, 15:15
Chrome digital, but they're just two blocks from here, so no shipping...

21-Jul-2007, 18:50
I plan on shipping to Calypso via priority mail Monday. I just pop the quickloads in a flat rate express mail envelope, seal it, ship it. I'll see if 33 quickoads fit in one envelope!

23-Jul-2007, 16:19
I had 48 quickloads to ship so I had to put them in a flat rate box for around $8.90 shipping. Probably could have gotten another 20-30 in there if I had to.

23-Jul-2007, 16:54
If I could get the shipping down, it'd be even better, but I'm wary of using USPS Priority (only $8.95 flat rate) because of X-ray possibilities...

Don't worry about it. I live in Hawaii and I have no choice about sending my film to the mainland for processing. I always us USPS Priority - because the Post Office is more convienient than FedEx is. I've never had any problem.

23-Jul-2007, 16:57
Suggestion: Think about a Jobo CPP or CPA.

I thought about that, but decided against it. 1.) Calypso uses better chemical sets than you are likely to buy for use in a Jobo. 2.) After a long trip, the last thing I want is to spend days hand processing hundreds of sheets of film, and 3.) Calypso has much better quality control than I could achieve on my own.

The Jobo is fine for processing a few sheets, but otherwise I stick to Calypso.

Zach In Israel
26-Jul-2007, 02:23
USPS Priority is shipped on FedEx planes, at least that's what my local Kinko's/FedEx said.

Many years ago I worked for DHL and learned a bit about this. When shipping a package from here to there it will probably go on multiple planes and there is a good chance each one will be operated by a different airline. DHL, Fedex, UPS etc all fly their own planes as well as hire space on each other's planes. If Fedex has a plane going from A->B with a free palate possition it may well get sold to UPS or vice versa. Or they may well put stuff on a regular airliner if there is free cargo space.

This is normal and at the end of the month they shuffle money around.