View Full Version : Shutter size for 121 Schneider Linhof 121?

John Elder
7-Jul-2000, 01:41
I purchased a 121 Shneider Linhof 121 Super angulon.The retaining lens diameter is 49mm.A coventional#1 is 41.8mm and a#3 is 64.2mm. What size shutter is this? Did Linhof make a special shutter for this Late 1950's lens. Is this a #2 Shutte r which I have never seen listed anywhere. Any input would be appteciated! John Elder

Paul Schilliger
7-Jul-2000, 12:28
I have a more recent SA f8/121 Linhof from the seventies and the shutter is a co nventional Synchro-Compur #0. Yours is probably an older no longer made size. Unless someon e here knows about it, you would certainly find good advice from Steve Grimes: www:skgrimes.com. He k nows everything about shutters and old makes.