View Full Version : Yasron 127mm in Polaroid press shutter--opinions?

15-Jul-2007, 19:03
Any strong opinions either way on this lens and shutter combo?

John Kasaian
15-Jul-2007, 20:16
It will cover 4x5 (barely) very sharp though. The shutter should be a direct fit for a 240mm G Claron barrel lens if you've got one of those laying around---now thats a great lens if you've got an 8x10!

22-Jul-2007, 13:43
John, that's good to know about the shutter being a direct fit for 240mm G Claron. I wish there were a book that listed all of these shutter to lens possibilities.

fred arnold
23-Jul-2007, 18:31
I started with one of those, and was very happy with it. It covers 4x5 with some movements, though it goes soft before it runs out of image circle. I'm very pleased with the negatives I got with it. It's not a modern Apo design, and the press shutter is a few ounces heavier than the equivalent copal/flash supermatic, but it's a solid performer.

John Kasaian
23-Jul-2007, 21:49
I had one some time ago which I ended up giving to an old friend for use on his Calumet and I haven't heard any complaints about the results (nor would I expect to---its a dandy little lens as long as you don't push the envelope) Its funny, some times they go for a song on ebay, sometimes they fetch a pretty penny. I have another Prontor Polaroid press shutter and I must confess that I like them even though the top speed is limited (its sitting in a cigar box, patiently waiting for that $40 ebay 270 G Claron thats going to come my way some day! ;) )

24-Jul-2007, 07:24
So both the 240 and 270 G Claron are a direct fit?

John Kasaian
24-Jul-2007, 07:47
IIRC, the 150 G Claron should fit an "OO" size shutter and the 240, 270 & 305 G Clarons should fit the "O" (the size used with the 127 mm Ysaron) The same applies to the Copal Press shutters also used by Polaroid. Of course there are some exceptions just to make life more interesting---Jim Galli knows all the details when it comes to these lenticular marriages!

24-Jul-2007, 08:25
The 150mm takes a #0
The 210 until 305 takes a #1

At least I think mine did.

John Kasaian
24-Jul-2007, 13:12
That sounds right. I can't seem to count backward from Universal #5 correctly! :o