View Full Version : how to fit schneider 110mm XL onto lens board?

15-Jul-2007, 10:09
Apologies for this really simple question, but I'm new to the lf game so bear with me. I've just got a schneider 110mm XL but I cannot figure out how to fit it onto the lens board!

There is a threaded ring that must tighten it down to the board but losening this right off still doesn't enable the rear element to be unscrewed - it will not turn.

What am I missing here?

Eric Woodbury
15-Jul-2007, 10:16
The rear elements should unscrew as a group. You shouldn't have to turn it very hard, it just comes off. Then unscrew that retailing ring and put it in the lensboard and all back together. If it is a new lens there may be a small stub of a set screw in the way. Just remove this and put it in your collection of camera junk. Some lenses may have shims between the lens groups and the shutter. Be sure these get back in the right place as they allow your lens to perform to spec. If the rear element won't separate from the shutter, then something is wrong. Don't force anything.

15-Jul-2007, 10:22
The rear elements of the lens should unscrew easily, anti-clockwise. It's not an old lens so there shouldn't be any problem. the ring you mention has no effect on removing the elements.

Sometimes they are tight so just try a little harder.


15-Jul-2007, 10:37
The lens is second hand but basically new. The rear element won't unscrew easily and I don't want to force something on a lens that cost me 700! I'll try and take it somewhere.

Thanks for the help.

Ron Marshall
15-Jul-2007, 10:52
S.K. Grimes site has diagrams:


Gene McCluney
15-Jul-2007, 10:57
The bottom line is that to fit most any "wasp-waisted" lens into a lensboard, the rear group has to be unscrewed from the shutter. It is designed to be unscrewed, and it will unscrew unless the lens has been dropped and otherwise abused, and even then, it will probably unscrew. Taking it to a professional repair-tech may calm your fears, however I seriously doubt he will do anything different to unscrew it than you can. Out of curiosity, have you tried to unscrew the front group? Does it come off easily?
In general both front and back optical groups should unscrew easily, however they may be tightened too tight, does your rear group attempt to unscrew at all? If you get it started it should come off easily. Is it possible it was cross threaded?

Ron Marshall
15-Jul-2007, 11:03
After you get it off watch out for the shutter leaves, which are delicate and exposed.

Baxter Bradford
15-Jul-2007, 12:02
If it is a new lens it will have the small screw in the rear section. Unless using a drilled lens panel, this needs removing for it to seat squarely.

Otherwise Copal 1 board and away you go.

15-Jul-2007, 13:16
Baxter that screw is designed to fit in a little cut out on the lens board and helps locate the lens orientation on the board.

If you see a genuine Linhof board you'll find its normal. When making or adapting a board then its easy to just file a V for the screw to locate in.


Baxter Bradford
15-Jul-2007, 13:27
Thanks Ian

I tend to use Horseman or similar lens panels from Robert White, so need to remove the screw. Just sounded like it might be the problem which the OP was experiencing.

16-Jul-2007, 03:48
Finally managed to get it to unscrew, it was screwed on very tightly. I just wanted to be sure that was what I needed to do before applying more force!

Thanks guys.