View Full Version : The angle of coverage of Apo-Sironar-N

14-Jul-2007, 21:32
Is it 72 degree or 75 degree?
According to the data sheets on linos website
On the first page it claims 72 degree, while on the second page it claims 75 degree.

Ron Marshall
14-Jul-2007, 21:35
N-72, S-75, W-80

Armin Seeholzer
16-Jul-2007, 05:00
Yes it is really confusing, but it may be a printing error, because it was always 72 in the past!
But the coverage is a bit larger anyway but it will then be a bit on the soft side at the corners.
The 72 is the aceptable sharp part!
On the S version its 75 as already stated!
Hope it helps, Armin