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14-Jul-2007, 10:49
I gave myself another headache: I bought what I thought was a genieric lens oplate to use on my Linhof 4x5 [I think is a 3 or 4 model ] serial # 61233 build 1957 !
It turns out the plate is larger than my other lens plates that came with the camera ?
what is the correct lens plate for my camera?????
here is the info I went by to get this lens board [Wista Lens Board Linhof Lens Board Copal 0 - Brand New]

Thank you very much for help on the info for me:
Lauren MacIntosh

14-Jul-2007, 11:04

The serial number from that page implies III. The build date IV. Hell if I know.

The Wista type board should be 96mmx98mm. That's what most people mean when they say Linhof style board. If that doesn't fit I guess you have a III. If you do you need a III type board.

14-Jul-2007, 11:06

Does that look like yours?

14-Jul-2007, 11:08

Try that to.

14-Jul-2007, 12:43
to post # 3 the answer is yes! post # 4 info darn confussing ?? thanks for the leads \\Lauren

Brian Ellis
15-Jul-2007, 18:57
You can tell whether you have a III or a IV by checking the front standard to see if the lens can be tilted forward. If it can be then you have a IV. If it can't then you have a III (front forward tilt came in with the IV and of course all subsequent Technikas).

Bob Salomon
16-Jul-2007, 06:09
"# 61233 build 1957 "

61233 is a Technika III from before 1955. The series ended on Sept. 1956 with serial number 62236. First camera in the series was 50001.