View Full Version : Expired (1973) Kodak HIE.... will it have any life in it?

14-Jul-2007, 07:58
Is there any point in using this, or is 35 years pushing it a bit too far?


Donald Qualls
14-Jul-2007, 13:06
I'd be amazed if it wasn't fogged solid, but if you're in a location where shipping isn't too much, and can get the film cheaply, it might be worth a try. Add a healthy dose of benzotriazole to your developer, or use HC-110, which already has a strong anti-fog component, to have the best chances. And remember, without at least a deep red filter, this stuff is just ordinary film that doesn't see green very well...

And no night-vision DBI! :eek:

Diane Maher
14-Jul-2007, 19:33
I've used 1977 HIE before. In fact, I have some waiting to be developed at the moment.