View Full Version : Nikon AM 120mm F5.6

Terry Hull
13-Jul-2007, 06:36
Can this lens be used on 6X9 field cameras similarly to its use on 4X5? Would the main difference be only less of a wide angle on the smaller film camera? I am only thinking of macro usage. Would it still need 240 mm bellows to get 1:1?

Dan Fromm
13-Jul-2007, 06:51
Extension from the infinity position = 2*f at 1:1 is the law. Why would changing format change that?

And why would a lens that covers 4x5 (which this one doesn't at infinity) not cover 2x3?

Terry Hull
13-Jul-2007, 07:19
So other than perspective change it is the same?

Dan Fromm
13-Jul-2007, 08:07
All you're doing is cropping. In this case, you're shooting a 2x3 chunk of a 4x5.

13-Jul-2007, 09:20
Looks like the crop-factor debate plague is starting to get a foothold with larger formats. Let's just hope it doesn't spread further.

Dan Fromm
13-Jul-2007, 09:55
Lasse, I don't think that's the issue. I sure hope it isn't.



George Hart
13-Jul-2007, 09:56
So other than perspective change it is the same?
Depends on what you mean by the term "perspective". My understanding is that changing image area (or lenses) doesn't change perspective. Changing the relationship between the lens and the object does.

Terry Hull
13-Jul-2007, 10:08
If a 120MM has a bit oif a wide angle perspective on a 4X5 doesn't it take on more of a normal lens perspective on a 6X9 ?

Matus Kalisky
13-Jul-2007, 10:24
Perspektiv does not change with lens focal lengt or format. The only thing that changes perspective is the change in camera-subject position. You have to walk to change your perspektiv. Imagine two different points in the scene you want to photograph. Their relative position and appearance will not change if you zoom in or out. But if you walk a bit in some direction - the perspective (relative appearance of the tho points) will change.

Stan. L-B
23-Jul-2007, 08:18
Well put Matus.

'Never use a higher plane of explanation when a lower will suffice'

Ernest Purdum
23-Jul-2007, 08:28
A lens that almost covers 4X5 at infinity will provide useful movements on 6X9cm. For macro use the coverage will be substantially more than needed. With careful control of lighting this should not cause problems.