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LeGrand Photography
13-Jul-2007, 05:39
I am puchasing an Arca-Swiss 4X5 w/ the 6X9 front standard. I want to adapt the 6X9
front standard to fit my Wista/Linhof (96mmX99mm) lens boards. Does anyone know someone who can modify the 6X9 standard for me?

evan clarke
13-Jul-2007, 06:04
There are adapters for the 141mm and 171mm standards. I am a long time Arca user and also have struggles with this since I have lenses in Linhof boards. There is just no good answer to change or adapt the 110mm standard and I just have duplicate lenses but there are a couple I would like to interchange. Maybe you could approach S.K. Grimes and they could engineer an adapter form the 110 to the Linhof..Evan Clarke

Emmanuel BIGLER
13-Jul-2007, 11:03
S.K. Grimes and they could engineer an adapter form the 110 to the Linhof.
Hello from France
S.K. Grimes will do it, I have one for my A/F metric 6x9 & "field" 110->141.
You supply a 110 A/S board and they machine it to adapt one or their Linhof 96x99 board holder.
One caveat : the Grimes adapter does not fit the 110 A/S metric standard as is. Of course, it does fits the classic without problem. In order to fit the metric you have to add a spacer plate of about 4mm thickness.
The reason is a small shaft that connects the gears for front rise.
With this modification the system works fine if you accept to loose some amount of back focal distance, a few mm with the original adapter, plus 4 mm with the metric.
Please feel free to e-mail me for additional info.