View Full Version : Help: I developed a color negative as if it was a B&W one

Lourdes Delgado
6-Jul-2000, 20:28
I made a big mistake:I developed a 400 NC Kodak (color negative, 4x5) as if it w as a HP5+ (B&W negative, 4x5). The image is there but very dense. I wonder if so mebody knows what's the best way of printing them. It was a portrait job and I a m screaming.

Thank you Lourdes

Jeff White
6-Jul-2000, 23:42
It is a black and white negative now. Black and white paper and probably a high contrast grade.

Paul Schilliger
7-Jul-2000, 12:40
If your now B&W negative is too dense to print, you can try a weakener such as t he Farmer solution. Try operation on non precious negatives first.

Scott Walton
7-Jul-2000, 14:16
Last time I printed a dense negative I had to use a low contrast paper! At least it is not the other way aound. I would say if worse comes to worse, you can always make a platinum print. Cheers, Scott

Lourdes Delgado
7-Jul-2000, 19:29
Thanks to all of you. I am going to the darkroom to try it.


16-Jul-2000, 05:27
I gotta wonder what would happen if you bleached it (pot. ferricyanide/pot. bromide), washed it, exposed it to beaucoup light, then developed it in your color developer.

Seems like I've read of similar "repair jobs" in the past, but it was decades ago, so I'm not quite certain.

You might want to run a test film through the process first to see how/if it works.