View Full Version : My fabulous vacation in Spain

12-Jul-2007, 01:14
I like travel very much. Especially, after longtime of work and much pressure, travelling abroad and experiencing a dazzling and unique natural environment is a good idea. Iíve been to Germany, Italy and Australia. But,Iíve never been to Spain, Iíve known a lot about Spain from books, if I can experience it myself, it must be unforgettable memories. So this time, I am planning to go to costa del sol (http://www.costadelsolspain.org) and costa brava (http://www.costabravaspain.info) which are wonderful resorts for vacation and leisure in Spain. costa del sol is known for it's a lot of beaches and costa brava has beautiful scenery and sports center. Iíve consulted the travel agent, those two trip resorts provide comfortable hotels with excellent service and delicious food. I like them very much. Are there any suggestions you can provide for me? Thanks.

Walter Calahan
12-Jul-2007, 07:19
My only suggestion is bring a camera.

Ernest Purdum
12-Jul-2007, 07:29
For photographic purposes, Arcos de la Frontera is interesting. So is Gibraltar. Aside from some of the biggest cities, driving in Spain is not too bad, so though you'd need a car, both of these locations are readily accessible from the areas you are considering. Barcelona is a fascinating city.

Try to find out about any local "ferias" in or near the place you settle on. They are very colorful, although perhaps better suited to small format photography.

Scott Davis
12-Jul-2007, 09:02
There are some neat little towns on the tops of the mountains that overlook the big resort cities on the Spanish coast. I went to one ages and ages ago, and so the name escapes me, but it was not far from Torremolinos. If you have the time and the inclination, near Almeira is where they filmed the old Spaghetti Westerns, and I believe some of the film sets still stand. On a totally different note, absolutely worth the side trip for an overnight would be a visit to Granada to see the Alhambra. Also Cordoba and Sevilla would be easy enough to visit by car or train. The Spanish national rail network is excellent, fast and cheap.

John Kasaian
14-Jul-2007, 09:56
Its been years since I've been to Spain, but if you are going to be there in the autumn, the Pyrenees are especially gorgeous (they're probably gorgeous all year long, but I was there in the autumn) They even have open car trains that will take you over the mountains and across the border to France IIRC.

Burgos is a lovely city where you can see the tomb of El Cid.

The only other thing I remember about Spain (aside from our train being sabotaged) was drinking in a bar with the skipper of King Faud's yacht, who heartily recommended a jaunt to Ibiza to patronize each of the 500 german prostitues doing business on that island!