View Full Version : Hello, from West Ky, on the Ohio River

Chuck P.
11-Jul-2007, 20:47

I have recently made the leap from MF to LF :D . I'm just about ready as I have a couple items left to get, primarily for processing needs. I got a Horseman LE with a 210mm Sironar-N MC lens. Recently purchased a polaroid back and film, which has really come in handy in helping me to learn and see how the movements of the camera work in different situations. It's great to be here and I'm sure I will learn alot from very knowledgable folks.


MIke Sherck
12-Jul-2007, 05:42
Welcome, Chuck! Our group has folks in your neck of the woods: http://www.midwestlargeformat.com/

We're very informal, have a very broad definition of what "Midwest" means, and are always looking for new folks to meet and places to photograph.


Peter Collins
12-Jul-2007, 06:12
You live in a beautiful place! I'm nuts about those hills and the big river. Welcome.
ciao for now---------------------------

Ralph Barker
12-Jul-2007, 15:15
Welcome to the LF Forum, Chuck.

Mark Carney
12-Jul-2007, 16:16
If you ever make it over to central KY give me a call.

Chuck P.
13-Jul-2007, 22:39
If you ever make it over to central KY give me a call.

Mark, where are you located? I'm in O'boro.