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neil poulsen
10-Jul-2007, 18:50
I'm interested in some fast film, so I was thinking about Ilford delta 3200 Film.

To what ASA does this film test? I'm thinking of the ASA needed to have a Zone I yield a density of 0.01 above film base plus fog. (I think I got that right.) By this test, most films test out to about half the mfg's recommended ASA.

Also, how does this film behave; what are people's experiences with this film. How well does it expand and contract?

Anything else you can tell me would be appreciated.

Gordon Moat
10-Jul-2007, 19:40
I cannot give you the Zone information for this, since I only have used it in 35mm. However, I did find that it seems to be developer critical; my best results were from using Ilfotec DDX. Since I expose B/W films like they were transparency films, hopefully someone else can fill in the Zone ratings.


Gordon Moat
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Henry Ambrose
10-Jul-2007, 20:10
About 1200 is true speed, maybe 1600. Xtol and DDX both work well. Delta 3200 roll film is quite pretty for subjects such as creamy high-key portraits. I've never developed it other than normal. Its can make nice small prints from 35mm but grain shows up pretty strong past about 4x6 inches.

Ralph Barker
10-Jul-2007, 22:30
Remember, it's not available in LF sizes.

Arne Croell
10-Jul-2007, 22:46
My EI for Delta 3200 roll film (120) was 800 for N to N+2, 640 for N-1 and 500 for N-2, developed in Agfa Atomal 1+1. That was for Zone I at 0.1 over fb+f. Of course, that developer is long gone and I have not tested it for another one. If they bring it out as sheet film, a possibility mentioned by Simon Galley from Harman over at APUG a while ago, I will check it again.