View Full Version : 65mm Mamiya f'6.3

David H. Sherman
14-Jul-1998, 09:44
I am considering purchasing a 65mm Mamiya f'6.3 lens in a Compur 0 shutter to be used with a 2X3 Crown Graphic and a 2X3 Galvin. Can anyone provide information on the quality of this lens and the amount of coverage I can expect. I

sheldon hambrick
14-Jul-1998, 20:57
This sounds like the lens that was designed for the Mamiya Universal. I had one for my Universal with the 6x9 back. It will cover that. Sharpness was good, b ut not as good as the 65mm on my Mamiya TLR.

Beau Schwarz
5-Mar-1999, 22:06
I have used one for a few landscape shots on a May. Universal a few years ago. the results were poor enough that I retired the camera to a closet and bought a twin lens May. I have heard that the 50mm is much better.