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Don Wallace
9-Jul-2007, 13:04
I am a little mystified by the various filter systems used for large format. I have never actually seen anyone use a filter that did not simply screw onto the lens, but I know, from this site, that there are systems which adapt to any lens. I also read that some filter systems work in front of the lens, others behind. Can any of you give me some tips on what to look for in a filter system? Robert White in the UK has quite a bit on Lee filters. Any others worthy of note?

I shoot mostly black and white, in 4x5 on a Wisner, and 5x7/8x10 on an old Ansco. I would like to get something that works for all

Benno Jones
9-Jul-2007, 14:21
On my Shen-Hao 4x5 I use either the Lee Gel-Snap which attaches (as stated on their website) "with an Elastomeric Tensioning Device (heavy rubber band)" or a compendium hood with a filter slot (conveniently the Shen-Hao hood has a filter slot that is oddly sized and does not actually fit any made filters, but using gel filters with some cardboard taped around the outside I make do.

On my B&J 5x7 & 8x10 I just use the Lee Gel-Snap.

I mainly use gel red and yellow filters with B&W film.

Jim Jones
9-Jul-2007, 18:31
Decades ago we usually used glass filters with a plain unthreaded metal rim that came in a standardized series of sizes. They were retained in adaptor rings that either screwed into or slipped onto lenses. Thus, filters that fit one's largest lens could be mounted on the smallest lens with step-up rings. A few lenses would accept the right series filter without an adaptor ring. Some of the sizes were:
series 5 - 1 3/16"
series 6 - 1 5/8"
series 7 - 2"
series 8 - 2 1/2"
These filters and adaptor rings are sometimes found in old camera stores. It was a good and versatile system.