View Full Version : Bush Pressman

Bob Eskridge
5-Jul-2000, 11:07
Having never seen one in the "flesh," what movements does the Bush Pressman have other than front rise and a drop bed?

Doug Paramore
5-Jul-2000, 12:11
Bob, It also has front shift and lens tilt, and if memeory serves correctly, it had a revolving back.

Bob Finley
5-Jul-2000, 12:13
Front lens tilt forward and back, front lens shift, no swings, rotating non-grafloc back, 12" of bellows. Well built and solid camera but limited in movements and lens board size.

Andy Horan
15-Jul-2000, 17:47

A Pressman has the same movements as a Graphic, but the former's tend to be e asier to access. Even the back comes off in a more elegant fashion for close vie wing of the ground glass. The Pressman is also smaller and metal rather than wo od bodied, though it weighs about the same as the Graphic. The only drawback I c an see is that the lensboard seems to be difficult to get hold of, so you might be forced to love the lens you have--at least for a while. They might also be m ore rare so getting parts could be work. I've really enjoyed the Pressman I've had access to. I shoot landscapes with it and the 8X10's done with a Wollensak 135 Raptar look good. Andy Horan

Chauncey Walden
16-Jul-2000, 16:21
Bob, don't let the lensboards put you off. They are easily made from a couple of sheets of hobby shop aluminum, a jig or jeweler's saw, and some epoxy. Just cut the smaller, inner sheet with a tab that's folded over to receive the holding pin. Looks impressive when you're finished but no trouble and quick to do.