View Full Version : Questions about Caltar II-N 90mm 4.5

8-Jul-2007, 15:44
I am trying to find some examples of photos made with this lens.

I would also like to know who made the lens.

And some opinions about the lens would be nice too.

I am assuming this is usable on a 4x5 with some movements.


Ted Harris
8-Jul-2007, 17:37
It's a Rodenstock Grandagon rebranded by Calumet. Works fine on 4x5.

Bill Stice
13-Jul-2007, 13:21
David, I've used one for a couple of years on a Sinar F2 and like it quite well. I had a 90mm different brand before that barely covered 4 X 5 and allowed almost no movements. The Caltar covers 4 X 5 with adequate movements. I've been very happy with mine.

13-Jul-2007, 13:53
Mine just arrived today. WOW!!

Right now I have to use it on my Crown Graphic as I await the arrival of a Toyo 45a.