View Full Version : Gitzo 1325 vs. 1348

Larry Huppert
5-Jul-2000, 10:56
Is anyone out there using the Gitzo 1325 tripod? It appears to be a 3 section v s. 4 section tripod (1348) and is over $150 less expensive.

Any comments would be welcome.

Mark Windom
5-Jul-2000, 12:15
I chose the 1325 over the 1348 because it is 3 section rather than 4; one less frustration to deal with. I've been using the 1325 for LF work for the past year and have nothing negative to say about it. A friend of mine, on the other hand, also chose the 1325 and wishes he hadn't. He is over 6' tall and misses the fact that the 1325 doesn't have a center column for added height when needed (he shoots MF; you obviously wouldn't be raising the center column with LF?).

A good head to go along with the tripod is just as important as the tripod itself. I use, and would recommend, the B1.

Sal Santamaura
5-Jul-2000, 12:39
I use a 1325 with B-1 head for Pentax 67, Wista VX 4x5 and Phillips Compact II 8x10. I'm 6' tall, and have never felt a need for more tripod height, even in medium format.

I've also acquired spiked end sections from Gitzo's 1338 video tripod. They screw right in to replace the 1325's smallest sections, providing an even more secure connection to the ground outdoors.

Larry Huppert
6-Jul-2000, 18:38
Using the leg sections from the 1338 is interesting, but a kind-of expensive option ($135 for 3 leg sections from Bogen). It's a crime that Gitzo doesn't supply all their CF MKII tripods with the same spike/rubber boots that the classic series & 1338 has.

Speaking of which - it would be interesting to just use the 1338 & adapt it to photographic equipment with the Bogen 75mm half-ball part. It would be like having a leveling base built-in. The only problem is that my tripod heads don't have levels. Does anyone know of a part similar to the Bogen 75mm half-ball which has a spirit level?

Glenn Kroeger
7-Jul-2000, 09:25
I chose the 1325 because it was lighter and cheaper. Check out prices from Robert White before ordering domestically. When I bought, I saved about $250 over the best US prices I could find.

24-Jun-2001, 16:27
Bogen 75mm half-ball which has a spirit level? the best way to go is to attach a spirit level directly on your camera (flash at tachment, or glue...) because sometimes the way you fix the camera (rapid shoes..) is not perfect ! th e tripod's spirit level is ok but the camera?