View Full Version : Copal LF shutter - Installing cocking arm return spring?!

Scott --
7-Jul-2007, 11:55
Hi, all -

Ok, for the esoteric: I CLA'd the shutter on one of my lenses, a Copal #1. Everything's groovy now, except the little coiled spring on the cocking arm. The spring returns the arm to it's resting position. It has a teeny tiny li'l hole that one end nests in, and a slot scribed that the other goes into. Then you crank down on the screw to lock everything in place.

So far, in trying to install this puppy, I've lost a washer needed to cock the shutter (found it) and sent the little ghost of a spring flying across the room. Found it, also. Wish I hadn't, 'cause then I'd have an excuse to leave the spring out.

So, anyone have any tips on how to install said spring?