View Full Version : 6X9 lens on 4X5 = fun?

7-Jul-2007, 11:14
Hey guys, I picked up a crusty old 6X9 105mm 6X9 lens for $11 and am just cutting out a lens board for it right now: Has any body else played around with a similar set up? I think the extreme vignetting will give me some fun shots, but I haven't been able to find any shots other people have taken with lenses that have no hope of covering the frame so who knows?

Jon Shiu
7-Jul-2007, 11:27
Hi, I've tried it with an old kodak lens and it didn't vignette, but was somewhat unsharp and not very interesting.


Jim Galli
7-Jul-2007, 14:20
Hi, I've tried it with an old kodak lens and it didn't vignette, but was somewhat unsharp and not very interesting.


Me too, with a 3.5 Mamiya 100 from a Universal. Same result as Jon.

Gene McCluney
7-Jul-2007, 16:46
Yeah, a lot of the Anastigmat and Rapid Rectilinear type lenses on the old folders have a wide circle of illumination, but they go fuzzy outside their intended coverage size. You may not have vignetting....but it is still fun to shoot with old lenses, as they do have unique properties.

Donald Qualls
7-Jul-2007, 20:04
I've got an Agnar 105/4.5 in the original five-speed shutter (off an Agfa Record or something similar) that I use occasionally on my Speed Graphic. If I set it hyperfocal at f/22 or smaller (it's calibrated to f/32 and actually closes to what looks like f/45), it just barely covers 4x5 with very slightly soft corners; focused anywhere inside about ten feet it covers nicely. And, it's plenty sharp -- I have a negative shot at hyperfocal with this lens on Classic 400 in which I can read the license plate on a truck more than 100 yards away (about 2-3 mm high on the negative, as I recall). I originally mounted it thinking it'd make a nice macro lens without requiring too much bellows draw, but I've yet to use it for that -- too much fun hand holding the very wide angle... :)

Terry Hull
9-Jul-2007, 11:25
How about going the other way, will an AM 120 Nikon f5.6 macro work on a 6X9 field camera?

Neal Shields
9-Jul-2007, 11:59
This was taken with a 90mm super angulon f8 on an 8x10.

I intended to crop it to 4x10 but decided I liked it better this way.


10-Jul-2007, 07:41
that is exactly what I was hoping for. I mounted the lens last night and it does exactly what I wanted it to do, so I guess I lucked out.

Donald Qualls
10-Jul-2007, 12:09
Here's the one I referenced above:


And the 1:1 crop (2400 ppi) with the truck license plate...


This was a 105/4.5 Agnar, a little over 90 degrees corner to corner on 4x5, focused at about 12 feet with the bed (the lens has front-element focusing; that was set to infinity) and stopped down to f/32, hand held at 1/100 (focal plane shutter) on .EDU 400 (aka Fortepan), processed in Parodinal 1:50. The halo effect around the buildings is due to local exhaustion; this was an early attempt at semi-stand tray processing that didn't work as planned...