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Paul O
6-Jul-2007, 15:16
:o Thanks for all the advice regarding posts I've made over the last few weeks concerning a visit to Iceland. One last question for all you regular airline users ... I am taking Fuji Quickload film with me - am I okay in taking the film in the foil envelopes (sealed) rather than in the cardboard boxes? The reason I ask is that I understand that if film is not factory sealed then the likelihood is that it will be wiped/examined in detail/opened by security! I reckon that I can squeeze an extra packet of film into my carry-on luggage if I leave the boxes at home and simply transport film in (factory) sealed foil envelopes. I suppose my question is ... will security open the sealed foil envelopes if they are not inside sealed Fuji boxes? Thanks again! Paul

Ralph Barker
6-Jul-2007, 15:36
Even if they open the foil packages, the film will still be OK. The foil is just to protect the Quickloads from moisture and atmospheric contaminants.

Gordon Moat
6-Jul-2007, 15:50
I would suggest cutting open the edge of the foil packet, then use a large freezer bag around the package. That way you allow easy access for inspection, and you avoid moisture issues. I always pack this way when I fly with Readyloads/Quickloads.

One thing I also pack is a wasted Readyload and Quickload packet. That way if there are any questions, I can load one or the other into a holder, and demonstrate how they work. So far I have not needed to use this, though I think it is one of those Murphy's Law things: if I did not have the demo film, then I might get asked.


Gordon Moat
A G Studio (http://www.allgstudio.com)

11-Jul-2007, 08:37
I can fit 1 1/2 Quickload content into one outer box of Quickload.

The box is useful for rigid protection when nothing else fits in handluggage.

Gordon's idea of using a plastic transparent freezer bag is a good one. I'd like to find one big enough to carry my whole hand-luggage case in :)

17-Jul-2007, 04:42
do both. put some in your carry on and ask for a hand check for the others. where are you flying from. i have had no trouble getting a hand check in the USA. and i fly out of NYC so some times NYers are not the most patient. (if you are flying from the UK you are f#@$ed for sure. i hear they are the worst. i will never ever fly through the UK.)

in the US they swab all the stuff and do not open anything. i had them open the plastic 35mm canisters and swap each film that was not in their box. all the boxed ones got swabbed on the outside. none of my 120 films were opened. the boxes got swabbed and the ones in foil also got swabbed. none opened. the 4x5 and 8x10 film were factory sealed and they only got swabbed. no problems (and i had a shit load of all this film. enough for me and my wife! also worked fine in SE Asia). just be sure to be calm and friendly and early. all you have to do is explain it is film and please do not expose it to the light. good luck and enjoy iceland.