View Full Version : using enlarger lens in a shutter.

bill zelinski
25-Sep-2000, 14:51
Schnieder makes a nice adapter ring that goes from 39mm to a Copal 0 thread (ava ilable thru Calumet) so you can use all your 39mm enlarger lens on a Copal O shu tter. I have used it with my Rodenstock 150mm APO Gerogan lens with some succes s, however I have found a 210 APO Gerogan which appears to have a larger 49.5mm mount. Any suggestions for mounting this on a standard lensboard or even bette r in a shutter? I guess S Grimes could make something up but any other suggestio ns would help. Thanks.

John Hicks
25-Sep-2000, 17:55
That's not a standard shutter size; the next largest shutter size is a #3 at 58m m.

Scott Walton
26-Sep-2000, 10:04
The only guru for this that I know of is http://www.skgrimes.com/ Go to flanges and if they don't have it, Steve will make it! He is now located by himself out of Rhode Island. Cheers.