View Full Version : Can older lenses in shutter be re-mounted in barrel ?

Ken Lee
6-Jul-2007, 13:38
Now that I have a Sinar shutter, I really enjoy being able to use my barrel-mounted lens. I have a bunch of other vintage lenses, each of which is mounted in a Compound shutter.

As it is now, I need to remove the Sinar shutter if I want to use my shutter-mounted lenses, and vice-versa. I really like having a single shutter, on the camera - especially since it gives nicely timed exposures up to many seconds. Having the shutter on the camera kinda reminds me of the old 35mm days, where a lens was just... a lens.

Would it be a big deal to re-mount them "in barrel" ? Would it be foolish ?

6-Jul-2007, 13:43
Well hopefully if the aperture iris works fine, simply stick it open, and use the shutter as a barrel?

I did that with a lens in a gutted shutter. It doesn't even have aperture iris. It's sat on a lens panel on the speed graphic as a wide-open portrait lens. :)

So my advice is don't worry, so long as you can stick the lens open, and use the iris from the shutter, all the better than waste time/money re-mounting.

Jan Pedersen
6-Jul-2007, 14:09
Ken, Would be a great idea, just send all your compound shutters my way, i like them.

Don't know how a Sinar shutter looks but i suspect that the rear cell on most shutter mounted lenses would stick out to far.

C. D. Keth
6-Jul-2007, 18:17
I'd say the answer is "probably." It would be super easy if you could find an original barrel. If not, machining one is definately possible but not cheap.

Ole Tjugen
7-Jul-2007, 02:18
What really drives up the cost of machining barrels for Compound-mounted lenses is the rather uncommon threads. See the link in my signature...

C. D. Keth
7-Jul-2007, 11:12
Eh, good point. It's worth giving SK Grimes a call, though. They're likely to have tape and dies in those threads already, aren't they?

pierre salomon
7-Jul-2007, 13:07
Why spend the money if you can do it as ASH suggested? It always works for me and my best way is to measure the rear element, if it is longer than the one in my DB mounted lens such as a 240 or 300mm I know that it will prodrude and damage the the blades of the Sinar Shutter. That shutter even accomodate my soft focus RZ lens.
Just my 2 cents.

Jim Galli
7-Jul-2007, 14:15
Would it be a big deal to re-mount them "in barrel" ? Would it be foolish ?

Yes, yes.

Wait for the equivalents in facory barrel, steal them on Ebay because no one wants barrel lenses, then sell the shuttered lenses and keep the change. A factory barrel with correct spacing and calibration would be nearly impossible to duplicate, and cost prohibitive.

Ken Lee
7-Jul-2007, 15:12
Oh - I see !

Leave the Sinar shutter on the camera.

Leave the Sinar shutter open.

Leave the lenses on their boards, and place them on the front of the shutter. The rear of the lenses will go through the wide hole of the open Sinar shutter.

Use the shutters on the lenses for making the exposures.
Thanks for the info.

Duhhh... Why didn't I think of that ?

Gene McCluney
7-Jul-2007, 16:50
Or........build a "domed" lensboard that sticks out far enough that when your lens is mounted on it, it will not intrude on the Sinar shutter. Put the compound shutter on "T", and leave it open, just use the more accurate Sinar shutter. The Sinar is quite easy to make lensboards for. I know, I have one.

C. D. Keth
7-Jul-2007, 17:43
That would be somehting to see. Junky old lenses in shutters mounted up in homemade DB mounts :)

Ken Lee
7-Jul-2007, 19:16
It is funny.

I may end up selling some of my newer lenses, and keeping some of the junky ones.